Photo Set

We’ve been working with Truck Gallery to fill a window in the Epcor Centre with scribblebots. At January’s Adult Night we collaborated with visitors to built the bots.

Unfortunately I never really thought the project through until after they were built. These bots had to sit in a gallery window for 45 days and their batteries worked for 4 hours maximum and their markers drained every day.

To meet the power requirements I worked with Jeremie at Solarbotics who modded a solar panel kit they had to be able to power the bots. After much soldering and a lot of gluing (I had to make some modifications to the original bots to allow for markers and batteries to be changed) a pretty rad drawing is emerging from all that scribbling.

The closing reception is on Thursday. We’ll be making more bots and showing the timelapse video of the emergence of the bots’ drawing.


After day of trial and error we figured out how to make some giant inflatable dinos this weekend at Market Collective.

Sean and I are going to be doing a reenactment of the Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios for Choose Yer Own.

Here are our first two dinos, Pat the Apatasaurus and Buddy the Trike listening to some Hot Chip.


We had seen and loved Tim Wheatly’s Cyclotrope video, we we decided to try it for Cyclepalooza.

Even with this video as a guide this was not the easiest thing to figure out.

Photo Set

Making Cyclotropes with the Stacey and Quickdraw at Cyclepalooza. Man, check out the awesome stuff people made!

Photo Set

Circuit Bending Workshop we organized at Local Library a few weeks ago.

Photo Set

It’s a programmable player piano hacked out of an old toddler keyboard we got at Toys R Us. You use tacks to program a song into the spinning cylinder.


Inspiration for Dottie and Ken’s wedding present. Dottie and Ken, I hope you don’t see this post til after I finish it.